"Language is a tool for reaching the world peace and for the sake of all beings' welfare"

We always emphasize on the quality, accuracy and on-time in our translation works, to give the benefits and added value for our customers.


We provide solution for Chinese / Mandarin translation and interpreter

We are the service provider for interpreter and translation service, for language pairs: Chinese-Indonesian (vice versa), Chinese-English (vice versa) and English-Indonesian (vice versa). We master in the following translation fields such as (but not limited to): Legal: Laws, government regulation, notarial deed, agreement, graduation certificate, ID card, passport, family card, letter of attorney, etc; Technical: Mechanical, electrical, engineering, equipment or device manual book, feasibility study report, etc; Economy: Financial report, market study report, audit report, tax report, record of meeting, etc; General: Article, advertisement, letter, thesis etc.

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Vision & Mission

We are a Mandarin Translator team who are ready to give translation and interpreting service

To bridge the Chinese communication difficulty written or verbal, related with the Indonesian and English language

Dealing with Mandarin translation and interpreter works, accurately, fast and with good quality

Translation Skills

Mandarin - Indonesian 95%
Indonesian - Mandarin 90%
Mandarin - English 90%
English - Mandarin 90%
English - Indonesian 95%
Indonesian - English 95%

Interpreter Service

We have 2 kinds of Interpreter Service, there are (1) Consecutive Interpreter, including some activities such as: Machinery installation, maintenance or operation training, business meeting activity, court sessions, job coordination, tour guide and so on, and (2) Simultaneous Interpreter, including seminar, conference or local / international events activities.

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Our Portfolios

Due to privacy and confidentiality matters, we only provide some of our translation works title.

Conditional Sale & Purchase Agreement

Standar Rekrutmen Karyawan

Peraturan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia

Due Dilligence Report

Perjanjian Pengalihan Saham

Undang-Undang Republik Indonesia

Feasibility Study Report

Company Financial Report

Surat Perjanjian Kerjasama

Company Deed of Establishment

Company Article of Association

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We highly concern about your Mandarin translation needs.

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Our Team

We have a Translator Team who are ready to provide Mandarin translation service for you.

Our Translator Team consists of superior talents in translation industry, who have written translation and oral interpreter skills, either for regular translator or sworn translator.
Besides the skill as written and oral translation, our Team also has the skill to deal with transcription, editing, proofreading and subtitling works.
Our team can work from any place in Indonesia and some from abroad, so that we can give you translation service from anywhere as long as possible.
Our team is ready to work with the agreed deadline with full of responsibility and high commitment.

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Our Service

The followings are the scope of our services

The characteristic of our service is "as long as possible", as long as we are able (in this case it means for ability to deal with the translation material and the deadline requested by our customer, including the ability of the interpreter schedule and the ability of the interpreter activity condition), therefore we will give the offer in line with our ability.


On-site interpreting service


Written/document translation service


Transcription service from audio to text


Language editing service to make it in line with grammatical rule


Overall rechecking service on any article or document


Translation service for video text

Our Pricing

Our prices are subject to change anytime. The order for quick (express) translation will require higher cost of service.



A4, Times New Roman 12pt / Simsun 14 pt, Margin @ 1 inch (2,54cm), Paragraph Double space.




A4, Times New Roman 12pt / Simsun 14 pt, Margin @ 1 inch (2,54cm), Paragraph Double space.



Other Service

For transciption, editing, proofreading, subtitling service.


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