Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PenerjemahMandarin.com?
PenerjemahMandarin.com is a website mainly and especially focus to provide the Mandarin/Chinese translation service, either interpreter or written translation, either for regular or sworn translation, either for China Mainland (Simplified Chinese) or Taiwanese/Hongkong Chinese (Traditional Chinese).

2. Who are we PenerjemahMandarin.com?
We are a team consists of experienced and professional Mandarin translator and interpreter to carry out the written translation and interpreter duty.

3. What is the scope or our business?
Our business scope is specially providing the Mandarin/Chinese translation service, either written or oral, providing the transcription, editing, proofreading and subtitling service for language pairs: Mandarin-English-Indonesian (or vice versa).

4. What business field we are mastering in?
We master the following business fields, such as law, industrial technique (engineering, electrical, mechanical, chemical), ecomony and finance, general business, other fields.

5. What kind of service we provide to our Client?
We provide the Mandarin translation service, either oral interpreter or written translation, transcription, editing, proofreading and subtitling service.

6. What language pairs do we provide the translation service?
We give the following language pairs service: Mandarin to Indonesian, Indonesian to Mandarin, Mandarin to English, English to Mandarin, English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English.

7. What kind of document or article that we can translate?
Laws, government regulation, notarial deed, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, contract draft, memorandum of understanding, agreement, business license, company registration certificate, tax identification number, graduation certificate, academic report, transcript, ID card, driver license, police certificate of good conduct, passport, family card, power of attorney, share certificate, letter of will, certificate letter, statement letter, machinery user manual, technical document, feasibility study report, research report, standard operational procedure, management document, financial report, profit and loss report, market study report, audit report, tax report, record of meeting, article, catalog, website content, advertisement, business letter, private letter, thesis and etc.

8. What kind of interpreter activity that we can assist?
We give 2 kinds of interpreter activities:
(1) Consecutive Interpreter, including several activities such as: Machinery installation, maintenance and training activity, business meeting, court session, job coordination, tour guide etc; and
(2) Simultaneous Interpreter, including seminar, conference, local or international events

9. How about the cost calculation of the written translation service?
The calculation will refer to the number of the translation result page, with the format or specification as following:
Paper: A4
Font: Times New Roman 12pt (to Indonesia / to Inggris), Simsun 14pt (to Mandarin)
Margin: Top bottom left right @1 inch (2,54cm)
Paragraph: Double (2) space
Translation Fee: Rp 100.000 (regular) / Rp 200.000 (sworn)

10. How about the cost calculation for the interpreter service?
Interpreter service cost will be calculated and adjusted based on the necessary activity. Please contact us for interpreter job coordination and our interpreter price offer.

11. What is the sworn translation / sworn translator?
Sworn translation is the translation that is conducted or verified by the Sworn Translator. The Sworn Translator is the translator that had already acquired the "Sworn Translator" title and already officially appointed by the Governor of DKI Jakarta to translate the document with stronger legal standing; usually the sworn translation is needed for embassy document proceeding, inter-countries document, court necessity or other legal document required by the certain institution.

12. How about the service cost of sworn translation?
Sworn translation cost will be relatively higher than the regular translation. Our sworn translation cost is Rp 200.000 per result page.

13. How long will it take to do the document translation?
We need to know firstly about what the document that will be translated, including the number of material pages so that we can notify how long will it take normally.

14. Does PenerjemahMandarin.com provide any quick (express) translation service?
We provide quick (express) service as long as it is possible for us, certainly it should adjust our schedule and our job arrangement, and evaluating the difficulty level of the translation material. The quick (express) translation service will require extra cost because the translation will be carried out outside our normal working hours.

15. What is the estimated result page?
Estimated result page is the estimation of the translation result page number that we will firstly inform before doing the translation, so that the Client can estimate how much will the translation cost.

16. What is the transcription service
Transcription service is a language service from the audio into text convertion.

17. What is the editing service?
Editing service is the service to make the document or article more perfect, either from the diction or its grammar, but not in its content or its substance.

18. What is proofreading service?
Proofreading service is the service for entirely checking on any article or document, including from its grammer and its content or its substance.

19. What is the subtitling service?
Subtitling service is a translation service from a text/audio of any language into another language; generally the subtitling service will cover its timecode of the text so that it can be inserted correctly when the video is played.

20. Do we accept any complaint / revision?
We will always emphasize on the translation quality in each of our work. As a human, we are not the owner of the perfection. We are always open for any input / idea that can improve our translation quality, and we are ready to do minor revision if necessary.

21. Do we accept any long-term interpreter job?
We are ready to provide interpreter service for long-term period, as long as our requested conditions and terms can be agreed by our party and Client together.

22. How about the payment method for any translation service?
We accept payment by cash or bank transfer to our certain bank account. Detail information of our bank account will be informed in our offer letter of service or when we deliver the translation result, or when we deliver the invoice of the translation/interpreter service.

23. Does the Client needs to pay the Down Payment (DP) in advance to order the translation/interpreter job?
For written translation with particular quantity or for interpreter with particular duration, we will require Down Payment in advance, the estimation will be around 30%-50% of the service amount, it will depend on the job characteristic and condition.